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Floor Care Services

Antislip Treatment Services

Antislip Treatment Services

Entering an antislip environment

We use the best antislip treatment available in the field of floor safety and slip injury prevention. We offer a complete range of floor safety products including anti slip flooring and non slip coatings and we distribute our extensive range of products throughout South Africa.

Our product range includes anti slip flooring, non slip coatings and non slip floor tiles, effective cleaners and degreasers, safety tapes and much more. We also boast approval for providing products that are both safe and environmentally friendly.

Wet or damp floors are not the only cause of slip, trip and fall accidents within a facility. Clutter, footwear and improper cleaning can also cause hazards for both employees and building occupants alike. In fact, according to reports, 50 percent of facility accidents can actually be attributed to the type of flooring used. Regardless of cause, these accidents can cost facilities big bucks in unemployment and liability claims.

Slip Injury Prevention Products

We provide slip injury prevention products for retail, commercial, industrial and residential environments. We sell and install our products with the main aim to disarm hazards associated with slippery floor surfaces. Our products and services cater for all types of floor surfaces from polished porcelain tiles to concrete to wood and metal surfaces.

Why focus on anti slip flooring and non slip coatings

  • At present, Slips, Trips & Falls are not unique to any country or economic climate. The fact of the matter is that the problem of slippery floors exists everywhere
  • The Occupational Health and Safety act makes provision for standards, employers and self-employed persons have to adhere to these standards to prevent damage to their business