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Cleaning Services

Hospitality Cleaning Services

Hospitality Cleaning Services

A property manager’s key to success

Finding a quality contract cleaning company to service your common areas within a budget might seem like a challenge, but it does not have to be. The key is to keep the lines of communication wide open, when situations change or cleaning services need to be done speedily, VPH Cleaning Services have the skills and expertise to adapt and find a solution for all your cleaning requirements. VPH Cleaning Services will customize a cleaning schedule based on the needs of your business and we will help to maintain a positive image of your business in this competitive market.

Housekeeping And Public Area Cleaning

Many buildings have common areas, restaurants, restrooms, kitchens, bars, coffee areas, lobbies, meeting rooms and business centres used by visitors day and night, as well as fitness and recreation facilities with special equipment that needs cleaning on a regular basis. VPH Cleaning Services has professionally skilled and trained staff to ensure that your business centre is exceptionally cleaned and has an inviting presence for all your customers to feel at ease and enjoy their experience at your business, knowing that their health and safety is well thought off in this environment.

  • Customized cleaning schedule based on the requirements of your business
  • Hygienic cleaning in all common areas
  • Special Services to extend the life span of carpets and floors