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Pest Control Services

Insect Pest Control Services

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Cockroach Control Services

Cockroaches or roaches forage for food at night and can migrate from one premises to another through sewers and underground drains. They spread diseases through contamination of foodstuffs, including polio, hepatitis, salmonella, hookworm and tapeworm. They are very sensitive to vibration and disturbances and will quickly scurry for cover. Cockroaches or roaches are found mainly in kitchens, bathrooms, cupboards, electrical boxes, manhole drains and sewers, preferring dark damp areas, so keep these areas as clean and dust-free as possible. Cracks and crevices in tiles, walls, backs of cupboards, etc should be sealed up, as this will eliminate cockroach harbourage areas.

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Ant Control – Black Ants, White Ants, Sugar Ants, Red Ants

Common ants nesting and breeding areas are usually large colonies underground made up of many hundreds of thousands in networks of tunnels The worker ants forage for food and water on a daily basis. These are the pests that enter our living and working space. Only a small percentage (5-10%) of the colony forages so spraying the foraging ants will have limited effect overall. Common black sugar ants do not cause any structural damage to property, and are quite harmless. They become an irritation and are seen as a pest when present in large numbers which can eventually grow and cause a need for Ant Control solutions.

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