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Medical Waste Disposal

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Eco friendly waste management disposal

One particularly promising technology found for the disposal of medical waste that is listed in the WHO survey is chemical disinfection. According to WHO the only real limitations being the cost of the chemicals and the danger of the disinfectant polluting groundwater due to seepage from landfill sites. Waste Express developed technology that not only makes the treatment of the waste cost effective but it also prevents pollution of groundwater because the chemicals are removed and recycled from the waste prior to landfill in a totally closed system. The treatment chemicals are obtained as chemical waste, recycled and used as disinfectant. Each batch of disinfected waste is tested for residual chemicals and pathogens prior to release to landfill. Anatomical waste is always immediately taken for incineration.

A comprehensive proactive disposal service that features eco friendly reusable Bio System containers

  • Safety, convenience and environmental responsibility
  • Proper tracking of waste from the clients premises to incineration
  • Meticulously disinfected and inspected
  • lessen the risk of injury