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Retail Cleaning Services

Retail Cleaning Services

Creating a positive image in a competitive market

Customers prefer businesses with clean facilities, especially restrooms and most of them say that they would avoid going back to a business which had dirty restrooms. Your business reputation starts from the moment people enter your facility and ends when they tell others about their experience. High contamination surfaces get touched by many hands, both healthy and sick, windows and glass collect fingerprints and smudges, dust collects everywhere and floors need an extra shine. From major retail stores to boutiques, gift shops and more, VPH Cleaning Services knows that repeat business is what keeps you in business and That is why it is important to find the perfect fit when it comes to a cleaning service for your retail location, one that maintains more than your storefront.

Cleaning Retail Stores and Boutiques

Your store, boutique or business represents your brand image to shopper’s therefore clean facilities, dust-free surfaces and shiny floors can help create a positive customer experience and boost your business reputation. Customers are more likely to visit your store again and recommend your business if you have clean, odour free restrooms. Hygienic cleaning is a combination of using the right techniques and correct chemicals.

  • Disinfecting surfaces to reduce the spread of germs
  • Special attention to dusting, glass and surfaces that get dirty daily
  • Add Special Services such as floor care and window cleaning